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Ways To Eliminate The Burn Marks or Scar

eliminate the burn marksWays To Eliminate The Burn Marks or Scar

Hand injuries are the most widespread type of injuries we encounter. We use our hands for almost everything we do and therefore we are likely getting careless with our hands. Our hands are thus frequently susceptible to cuts, burns and injuries. Burns, within the house, are usually a result of liquid scalds, cooking injuries and curling irons. Sad to say, even the smallest burns cause much pain and discomfort.

Unsightly burn marks on the skin are caused once the burn is not taken care of correctly. Creams and solutions can be purchased these days, which, when used, can cure a burn mark.

Listed below are some useful natural home remedies to eliminate the burn marks/scar

1. Apply some turmeric mixed in cold water onto the burnt area. The cold water will give a soothing effect to the skin and the turmeric is a natural antiseptic which will prevent the formation of any burn mark.

2. Massage the mark area regularly with some vitamin E oil. The aloe Vera gel application is a very good way to remove scars naturally from burns. This is because both vitamin E oil and Aloe Vera gel facilitate fast regeneration of skin cells. The new skin cells give the skin a smooth and uniform texture.

3. Massage the scar with almond oil. A good way to remove burn scars is gently massage the scar with almond oil. Massaging the scar twice a day will help to progressively reduce the scar.

4. Use fenugreek seeds. Another good method to remove burn marks is to use the fenugreek seeds. The first thing you need to do is soak the fenugreek seeds in water overnight. The following day, grind the seeds into a fine paste. Now apply this mixture gently on to the burn mark and leave it on. Once the paste has dried completely, you can wash it off with water. Apply this paste regularly to remove the scars.

5. Fresh Lemon Juice. The application of fresh lemon juice onto the burn mark is a very effective remedy to cure burn marks. Lemon juice has acidic properties that naturally lighten the scars.

6. Tomato Juice. Freshly squeezed tomato juice is also a great way to get rid of burn marks. Tomato juice is a natural bleaching agent and naturally cures the burn marks.

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