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Viral Photo of Julia Barretto with her new boyfriend?

A viral photo of Julia Barretto was spread on the social media like viruses. An alleged image of Julia Barretto’s new boy-toy surfaces online. In the intriguing image the Kapamilya teen beauty can be seen cheek to cheek with a non-showbiz guy.

The guy in this picture named Ram, he is one of a production staff of the Kapamilya network. On a report of Hapeepinay, the photo was said to be authentic but the image was taken ” JUST FOR FUN ”


Although no one has confirmed yet that the guy in the photograph was indeed linked to Julia, netizens should always be reminded that it is very easy to manipulate images using modern day technology such as Photo Editing Software’s like Adobe Photoshop and Gimp. True or not this image was very intriguing indeed.

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