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Vegetable Farming Project

Vegetable Farming Project

Vegetable farming is very profitable but it needs patience because most of the time you will reap the reward after 2 to 3 months. You need to select the best plant or vegetable to grow. Select the most in demand and high value crop so that even you have only a small harvest you earn high. Example of high value crop to grow is Ampalaya, Sweet Pepper, Eggplant and many others. You have to research and find out what is in demand in your area.

big_djangoI decided to document my project to prove that planting vegetable even in a small area can earn you money. In my area i plan to grow Eggplant because i have only a small capital and the area is front of the winds, ampalaya is not good in the area. Eggplant, Hot Chilli Pepper, Sweet Pepper, and other hot pepper called “DJANGO F1” hybrid sinigang type variety will be my plant in this area.

This is the first video I made in my vegetable farming project in sitio Bocawe Pamutan, Cebu City. Please check it open on my blog or in my youtube channel “O’kee” so that you will be updated the result of this project. Thanks for watching!

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