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Vegetable Farming Project | 60 days after transplanting Update #7

Vegetable Farming Project | 60 days after transplanting Update #7

This is the 7th video of my vegetable farming project /eggplant farming in sitio Bocawe Pamutan, Cebu City. This is exactly 60 days after the transplanting of the seedlings. I planted this eggplant seedling last August 22, 2016 and this October 22 is exactly 60 days.

I already apply fertilizers 5 times on this plant. Two from now I will apply another 18-46 fertilizers. 18-46 and Urea mixed with fotas fertilizers. At time I spray wildkid insecticide once a week for the insect and beginning next week I apply insectiside 2 times a week with another insecticide and fungecide.

I will update another video 2 weeks after this video so on Nov. 5, 2016. Remember that date. It’s our date! Thanks for watching.

Please check it open on my blog or in my youtube channel “Okee” so that you will be updated the result of this project. Thanks for watching!

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