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The Untold Warning: Highly Infectious Viral Disease to Stay Alert

untold warningWith the Summer Olympics starting in just a matter of days, we are all on alert of highly viral infectious diseases that other countries are suspect to. Many mosquitos are culprits to carrying viruses with them such as West Nile and Zika. Some viral diseases are more known than others, but that does not mean that they are any less dangerous. Let’s take a look at the untold warnings of some highly infectious viral diseases in which we need to stay alerted for.

Zika Virus

This is the new ‘it’ virus due to the Summer Olympics being held in Rio De Janeiro. The highly infectious viral disease is especially risky for those wanting to start a family since the virus can spread to the baby causing birth defects. This is why many young Olympic athletes are declining invitations to Rio since they may want to start a family soon. The virus is spread by a particular mosquito that can be located in the United States, but they currently do not carry the virus. People are mostly worried because there is still no vaccination or medicine to cure the virus. If you are worried that you have been infected with the virus due to proximity to a place infected with the virus, you need to look out for these signs: fever, rash, joint pain and red eyes (conjunctivitis). You will likely also have muscle pain and headaches. If you are suffering from any of these symptoms, go straight to the hospital so not to infect others around you.


This virus has roots in the continent of Africa specifically the Congo and Sudan. It is believed that fruit bats are the guilty party passing the virus around. One of the healthy living tips you need to follow to avoid the very deadly virus is to be careful when around animals that can be affected or through a bodily fluid or with broken skin is in contact with the bodily fluids. It is important to keep yourself and your belongings such as clothing clean to prevent the virus from being spread.

Those who are at high risk for getting the disease are health care workers, people in close contact to those who already have the disease and mourners with direct contact to bodies of the deceased, especially if they died from the virus since it lingers in the deceased. This is how easily it can spread which makes the virus quite difficult to die off. Although it is not as popular and common as it once was, it does not mean that it is not a threat to daily life.

West Nile Virus

This is a virus that seems to have been in the news for years and years now. It is not one of those ‘fad’ viruses like swine flu, but an actual virus that affects millions of people. Living in a country with plenty of humidity and mosquitos during the summer months, I am at no loss for contracting this virus. Since there are zero medications and vaccines to prevent the disease, your best bet is to use bug spray to repel the pesky mosquitos. The good thing about West Nile Virus is that there are no symptoms. The ratio according to the CDC is that 1:5 people who are infected with the disease will show symptoms. Less than 1% of those infected with the disease will show serious, life threatening reactions.

You should avoid unhealthy eating habits to prevent mosquitos from attacking you. If you eat fresh fruits and vegetables, then you will naturally gain quinine in your blood flow which naturally repels the mosquitos. If you do not wish to do it the healthy way, you can also drink tonic water which has a lot of quinine in it. This way you do not need to spray your body down with potent smelling mosquito spray or Avon’s Skin So Soft. It is also advisable to avoid peak mosquito hours such as dawn and dusk to make sure you are not eaten alive.

Even though the virus is not as deadly as Zika or Ebola, you still need to be careful. The West Nile Virus affects a lot of people with respiratory diseases, so it is best to avoid it at all costs. Quinine and bug spray are key.

Bluetongue Virus

This is a relatively new virus mostly affecting livestock farms across the United Kingdom. The virus is currently being carried by midge and is greatly affecting sheep and cows. Sometimes the disease causes death in the livestock. The disease is coming from France and is travelling towards England farms this summer.

Although the virus is not affecting people, it is affecting other aspects of their farm. Animals mostly being affected by Bluetongue virus are wild deer, sheep, cows and goats. The virus makes the animals have ulcers in their mouths, lots of drooling and swelling of their mouth, head and neck. This can ultimately choke the animal is not treated properly. At this time there are no vaccinations to prevent the disease. Luckily since most of the weather is mild in England, this will prevent it from spreading. The only way it spreads is through hot or warmer weather.

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