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Top 8 Exotic Superfoods That Make You Healthy

We list the top 8 exotic superfoods that can help you being healthy in natural way. See if this foods is available in your area.

1, Acai Berries
acai berriesExtracts from acai berries may destroy cancer cells, particularly those associated with leukemia. Acai berries are grown on the palm trees in the Amazon rainforest of northern Brazil. The name of the game with acai berries is pure antioxidant and nutrient power.

They fight leukemia. A recent study, done by the University of Florida, found that extracts of the acai berry destroyed human cancer cells grown in a lab. More studies are needed to confirm its effects, but this step is definitely in the right direction.

They reduce inflammation. One of the best things that acai berries can do for you, due to the large amounts of anthocyanins they contain, is reduce inflammation associated with chronic diseases. Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, arthritis, fatigue syndromes, digestive discomforts, aches, and pains are all helped by reducing inflammation.

2, Goji Berries
goji berriesGoji berries are richly immersed in antioxidant power. Goji berries, which are the commercial name for wolfberries, have been used for thousands of years in Chinese medicine.

The phytochemicals in goji berries may have powerful anticancer effects. A 1994 study published in the Chinese Journal of Oncology stated that goji berries have a positive effect on treatments when used in conjunction with other cancer therapies.

Weight loss: Goji berries contain natural compounds that are lipotropic, meaning they help carry fat away from the liver and burn those extra calories.

Protect your heart: Goji berries have compounds to lower cholesterol, are natural defenders against free radical damage, and release levels of homocysteine, a protein associated with heart disease and inflammation.

Prevent age-related eye problems: Goji berries have a high level of antioxidants, like beta carotene and zeaxanthin, which are important for vision. Zeaxanthin protects the eyes, specifically the retina, and may reduce the risk of age-related macular degeneration.

Boost your libido: This amazing exotic superfoods not only raises your spirits, but it also raises your libido! Goji berries raise testosterone levels, and, therefore, your sex drive goes up.

dulse3, Dulse sea vegetable
Dulse is a sea vegetable with many vitamins, minerals, essential fatty acids, and other natural food chemicals with antioxidant properties.

Dulse is reddish brown and comes in whole leaves, powdered, or as a condiment. This sea vegetable is chewy with a salty finish. Dulse flakes give a great flavor to salads. You can also eat it right out of the package!

hijiki4, Hijiki sea vegetables
Hijiki is a sea vegetable that looks like black angel hair pasta. Called the “beauty vegetable” in Japan for the shiny hair and beautiful skin it gives to those who indulge, this sea vegetable helps nourish the thyroid, promotes healthy skin and hair, and promotes a healthy immune system.

5, Sea Kelp
sea kelpYou can find virtually every nutrient in sea kelp. Kelp is a great source of iodine, which is a vital nutrient that many are deficient in and that your thyroid needs. Kelp noodles are delicious and a wonderful way to add sea vegetables to your diet.

6, Kombu sea vegetables
KombuKombu, another sea vegetable, provides minerals that are particularly important in your diet.

Kombu is a type of brown algae that has a beautiful dark purple hue. You can find kombu fresh, frozen, or dried. It comes in thick strips or sheets. It has a savory taste and can be used as a food flavoring, food topping, or a nice salty addition to soups.

7, Nori sea vegetables
noriNori is the most popular sea vegetable because it’s used to make sushi.

You can find nori in colors from dark purple to marine green. You can use it as a condiment for soups, salads, and casseroles or cut into strips.

8, Wakame sea vegetables
wakameAnother great sea vegetable, wakame, provides a salty taste that comes from a balance of sodium and other minerals from the sea. Wakame is a tender grayish green sea vegetable, and when you soak wakame, it expands many times its original size.

Eat it raw as a snack, add it to soups and stir-fries, or roast it and sprinkle on salads and stews. Wakame becomes soft and melts in your mouth when cooked. What a great way to add minerals to your foods!

Wakame sea vegetables also give you a good dose of fiber to promote digestive health.

Those are the exotic superfoods we found that can get your body healthy in a very cheap and most of all it is availabale in any grocery in your area.

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