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Tasty Lechon In Cebu

Lechon-in-CebuCebu is called as the “Queen City of the South” and known for its popular Sinulog festival and Magellan’s Cross. The sunkissed beaches; and the popular celebrities who have come from this region are also among their trademarks.

There are many Cebuana beauties who have reigned in national and international pageants too. Furthermore, Cebuanos are known for being friendly, so many tourists love to come back from time to time. These are the reasons why you would love to travel and stay in Cebu.

However, your tour to the “Queen City of the South” will not be complete without having a taste of their savory food and delicacies. You do not need to spend much in expensive restaurants for this. You can just run to the pasalubong shops and try the native delicacies that are sold at cheap prices.

To give you ideas of what you should try when you get there, here are some of the best foods and delicacies in Cebu:

Cebu Lechon

cebu-lechonThe best lechon in the Philippines can be found in Cebu. This is the reason why the region has been called the “Lechon Capital of the World”. One of the popular lechon in Cebu is the Zubuchon. This style of lechon-making is considered unique as it does not include artificial skin painting and no MSG is added. Although this is more expensive than the other lechon, Zubuchon is still a favorite. One kilo of this can cost Php530, while a whole lechon may be sold at Php4, 900.

Dried Mango

dried-mangoConsidered to be among the finest Philippine exports, dried mangoes are favorite pasalubong from Cebu. They come in two kinds: the green and the ripe. Either of these, you will surely enjoy the sweetness of the flavourful strips of mangoes. The barangay of Guadalupe in Cebu City is one of the producers of these sweet mangoes. Depending on the brand and quantity, dried mangoes can cost from Php40 to Php350.


chicharonSurely, you are already familiar with chicharon. However, you have to try the special chicharon from Carcar City first before you can say that you have already tasted the best chicharon in the Philippines. The chicharon in Carcar is nothing but meaty and saturated fried pork’s rind or back fat. This is made tastier when dipped into spiced vinegar. The chicharon here is usually sold at around Php600 per kilo. If you have a limited budget, then you can get it a quarter of kilo at Php150.


otapWhen you hear about otap, the first word that will come to your mind is Cebu. This crunchy, oval-shaped biscuit coated with sugar is among the trademarks of Cebu. Furthermore, it is a favorite pasalubong, not only because it is cheap, but because it is a good snack. Depending on the brand and on how many otap you will buy, the price of this product can range from Php50 to Php300.

Bulad (Dried Fish)

buladPinoys travelling to Cebu bring danggit when they go back home as pasalubong or presents for family, friends, or office mates. Some Pinoys bring danggit and other buwad when they go abroad, being able to pass stringent custom checks by carefully wrapping them in newspaper.

Cebuanos, like other Filipinos, prefer to eat their danggit dipped in vinegar, sometimes seasoned with spices like chopped garlic, pepper, and onion, and paired with rice.

These are just some of the popular and in-demand delicacies in Cebu. Your visit to the place will not be complete without having them in your meal, or buying them as pasalubong for your loved ones at home.

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