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How Do You Take Care Of Your Ears?

Ocleaning-her-earne thing you need to know is that your ears are actually self-cleaning which means that your ear canals don’t need
to be cleaned every day. When it comes to ear wax, these are formed at the outer part of your ear and when you leave it alone, these naturally migrate out especially since you often move and use your jaw. So just let nature do its work.

Cleaning your ears

  • Some people insert pointed objects such as hair pins into their ears to remove the ear wax. Never, ever do that because these items might damage your eardrum or root canal. Instead use a tissue of a cloth to wipe the outer ear.
  • Don’t use cotton buds or wool or even your fingertips to clean your ears. It may push down your ear wax and can damage your ear drum.
  • Ear wax is your ear’s defense for cleaning. When you have a build-up in your ear, go to a professional or an expert to have these removed immediately. At the same time if you have an itching or some form of pain in your ear, don’t delay but go to a physician to seek medical treatment.
  • Don’t use unclean water to wet your ears. This may cause infection or ear damage.
  • If your ears are pierced, make sure that you clean your ear loves with alcohol at least once or twice a week.

Medications and Illness

  • Your ears can be infected and can affect also your eyes and your nose. When this happens consult your doctor immediately.
  • There are some medical conditions which can affect your hearing. When you experience any tingling sensation in your ears or any buzzing noise or your ears leak some kind of water, consult your doctor immediately and have your ears treated.
  • If you have balance problems (which can be connected to your ears), consult your physician immediately.

Noise and Sounds

  • To protect your ears from loud noises such as mowing the lawn, or fireworks and other such noises during the New Year, make sure that you wear hearing protection. Because if you don’t, your ears may suffer from unfavorable damage.
  • When you turn on home-theater systems and you suddenly realize that the sound is too loud, tone it down or better yet, turn off the television set or the stereo. Keep in mind that the volume should be at a comfortable level.
  • When going out to night clubs, rock concerts, or motor sporting evens, use ear plugs.
  • When you are inside your car and your music offers a blast, keep volumes at sensible and sensitive levels. This way you can be aware of their noises happening around you in the streets.
  • If you are always exposed to loud equipment such as drills and others, use headphones to protect your ears.

Ear Injuries from Activities

  • When it comes to indulging in activities such as going roller blade, biking and in some cool countries, skiing, make sure that your wear a helmet to protect your ears. Your fall, if ever you experience one, can have permanent damage on this part of your body.
  • Before going scuba diving, make sure that your ears are attuned properly to the pressure under the sea. Have your instructor teach you the basic techniques and rudiments of the water sport.
  • During a long or a short flight to different parts of the country, yawn and swallow often to stabilize the pressure in your ears. If you have a cough or a cold hours before your flight, make sure that you take a decongestant first. You can also purchase ear plugs with special filters that can help stabilize your ears during your flight.

General Care

  • Make sure that you frequently see your doctor if you have concerns about your ears.
  • Before taking a plunge on the pool or the sea or before you go out into the sunny weather, apply sunscreen on your ears to protect it from the intense rays of the sun.

As compared with other parts of your body, your ear is actually easier to maintain and to clean. Work on these pointers and you are in good hearing shape.

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