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Health Benefits of Tuba

March 2, 2016 1

Tuba is naturally made from the sap of a young coconut bud. Like the coconut which is named as “The Tree of Life,” the tuba also has some medicinal uses or health benefits. Some of […]

14 Most Popular Cebu Festivals

February 11, 2016 1

There are many cebu festivals celebrated by the people of Cebu. Cebu has one of the most colorful and world-renowned festivals in the Philippines and they celebrate it with excitement and high spirits. Cebu celebrates […]

How Difficult To Be a Manananggot

January 16, 2015 0

A manananggot is an individual who gathers tuba for a living. Do you know that having this job is challenging and exhausting? You’ll need care and focus to prevent falling from the coconut tree. If […]

Health Benefits of Tuba or Coconut Wine

January 9, 2015 12

Coconut wine or Tuba is a sweet, fresh or mildly fermented sap taken from tapping the young expanded flowers of the coconut. It is popularly known locally as “Jungle wine,” it is also called coconut […]