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Sunset in Boracay

Catch a Boracay sunset. Sunset is a special time from almost anywhere on the island, but especially on any of the beaches. Bright orange hues kiss the vivid blue shades of the ocean as the sun sinks slowly over the horizon. Watching the sunset is a romantic experience and can be enjoyed over an ice-cool glass of San Miguel or an early dinner.

sunset in boracay

The world has always been fascinated about the beaches of Boracay. The Philippines, being an archipelago, is home to a lot of beaches. I don’t know if everyone agrees but the most popular would be the island of Boracay.


sunset in boracay1

The Philippines is home to a much publicized and hyped Manila Bay sunset, but not much of the orange-filled dusk sky of Boracay. Along with the rest of the romantic world, Filipinos are also obsessed with the moon, stars, and of course the sunset. Many wedding vows have been exchanged using the beach and the sunset as a background.

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