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Pinoys Laban sa Traffic

trafficNo matter what time of year it is, driving around the Metro can be an absolute nightmare, and given the expected rainfall this month – bearing in mind what we’ve already been through since perhaps May when it really started raining – we all know just how much of a pain commuting (whether it be public transport or private car/bike) to and from work can be.

As fallible humans, we are all capable of being less than perfect, and it’s also in our very nature to want to complain about the things we deem unfair and unjust – like the traffic here in Manila. At last, we have an outlet! Via Google+ and Facebook you can easily find Pinoys Laban sa Traffic ( will provide all of the information you need) and, despite it’s name, the page is most definitely for locals and foreigners alike, because we all form an equal and orderly line when it comes to getting frustrated about the traffic situation here.

Followers are encouraged to share photos and their traffic related stories (nightmares) to the site, and the operators of the site also post traffic safety news and reports, safe driving tips, and regularly run surveys so as to gauge just how well (or not) the public are in terms of dealing psychologically with the traffic, as well as to almost test the public;s knowledge of certain aspects of driving here.

Our new President has made defeating the traffic here a top priority, according to his initial comments at least, and Pinoys Laban sa Traffic actually aim to help the government by providing whatever information and complaints they receive in a constructive (but absolutely confidential) manner so as to improve the overall quality of driving in manila and ideally educate us – the commuting public – on what we can do to play our part. In their About section, they have included the well-known quote from former US President John F. Kennedy that goes “Ask not what your country can do for you; ask what you can do for your country.” In no way could this be more relevant to the Filipino people and the valuable guests in our nation during this time of transition and hope, so check them out on Facebook and let the Metro’s residents know what you think of the traffic situation here and how it can be improved.

The sites operators post everything more or less bilingually so as to be as inclusive as possible for its audience, and we hope to see even more post from them in the coming future. Support the Philippines, support a change for the betterment of the nation, and let’s work together to improve the dreadful traffic situation – often voted among the worst in the world- so that we can arrive at work or at home with minimal frustration and in the amount of time that it should actually take, and not the amount of time that poor/inconsiderate driving and road infrastructure dictates today.

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