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Mysterious Old Woman in Davao City Bombing Revealed

The people who were able to survive the explosion in Davao City posted similar stories on social media regarding the mysterious old lady who warned them about the bombing.

According to the netizens named Karl Louis Aguado, Lannie Marie Lopoz, Rexcel Anne Llesis and Kimberly Salmeo, there’s this mysterious old lady in black who was roaming around the night market in Davao, asking people for alms for her sick child, who warned them to go home early because an earthquake will soon occur in the said area.

There hasn’t been any confirmations yet regarding the legitimacy of this story, but if it’s proven to be true, people believe that this would really be a great help.

Mysterious old lady warned the people in the Night Market about the explosion in Davao? Watch the video below!

Let’s be careful when we are in the crowded places. Take care always…

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