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Mabua Pebble Beach the Unique Beach of Surigao City

Mabua Pebble Beach is among the priced tourist attractions of Surigao City. The City is part of the Province of Surigao Del Norte in CARAGA Region and is the gateway to the famed Siargao Islands and the Province of Dinagat Islands.

Mabua Pebble Beach

Mabua Pebble Beach is situated in Barangay Mabua and can be reached via a 30-minute drive from Surigao del Norte City center. Mabua Pebble Beach is unique among many of the Filipino beaches due to its multitude of smooth white pebbles that make up its shoreline. There are almost no sands, of any kind, in this part of Surigao City. The beach’s shoreline is completely composed of smooth stones, mostly in white colors and of different sizes.

Yes, almost all beaches in the world are sand beaches except for the Mabua Pebble Beach. As it name implies, this definitely unique beach in the province of Surigao del Norte in Mindanao, is a pebble beach instead of a sand beach. It will surely be a unique and one-of-a-kind experience going to Mabua Pebble Beach.


Attracting both local and foreign tourists, visitors are impressed with the clear and cool waters that make this surreal place ideal for swimming and jet skiing. If you are lucky enough to catch the big waves, you can go windsurfing.

The rock outcrop at the end of the beach is an easy climb and promises to give you a frightening but spectacular view. It is a great vantage point for the rest of the beach and even the mountains beyond. Mabua Pebble Beach is the paradise of photographers who are captivated by sunsets.pebble



A very quaint beach as it is, Mabua’s shoreline is laid with old rustic Nipa Huts and Cottages one could instantly feel an old-fashioned way of beach living.

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