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“Kotong cops” haggling with drivers

A video posted by a Facebook page, Pepeng Hugotero, showed a traffic enforcer (kotong cops) asking P1,000 from a driver after the latter asked how much it would cost to avoid getting a ticket.

“Ewan ko kung magkano kasi P2,000 hanggang P3,000 ‘yung kwan na ‘yan, ‘yung ticket na ‘yan eh,” the enforcer said.

It was also revealed by the enforcer that they get a commission for every ticket they issue.

“Basta kapag nag-ticket kami may commission kami diyan…” he said then requested the driver to just give him P1,000 to avoid inconvenience.

The video gained negative remarks both for the enforcer for extorting money and for the driver asking how much he wants to let them go without a ticket.

On another video posted by a Facebook page, Pinoy Viral Videos, an enforcer was once again caught on camera offering a 50 percent off of the original worth of the driver’s violation.

“Ayan na, 50 percent nalang ha, kasi P1,000 ‘yun. Kung 50 percent and makukuha namin, di na lang namin kukunin para makatulong kami sa’yo,” he said.

See the video below:

It has not been established where the two incidents happened but the Philippine National Police (PNP) said that the local police officers where it happened should be the one disclosing the statements about the matter.

The PNP, however, said that they are already looking into the incidents and will continue to observe the areas.


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