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Hunt For Lost Treasure of Yamashita

Yamashita Treasure: Is it real or fiction?

huntofyamashita-treasureFor years, I have heard from numerous sources different stories about the Yamashita treasure that is buried here in the Philippines. I’ve heard from my very own father that somewhere near our Riceland in my hometown huge amount of gold bars were hidden there. Many treasure hunters from various places are so interested to find this treasure but most of the time failed. Some members of my family and relatives in the lowland were involved in treasure hunting activity. Since their team got the wrong leads and incorrect information they did not succeed. Anyway, as they usually say this kind of endeavor is just a “hit and miss!”

But come to think of it… There would be no stories of this treasure if there are some who have really known of the treasure and the saying: “When there is smoke, there is fire.” is really true. Since the end of World War 2 and the start of the Marcos era, this treasure hunting boomed in year 1970’s. Even the late President Marcos made a law to legalize this activity during that period that brought interest for many treasure hunters and investors to start looking for this hidden wealth in different parts of the Philippines. Lots of them succeeded and some did not make it.

For the sake of helping my family team, I did some researches and compiled the characters and signage, or rather markers which were written by the Japanese soldiers who buried those treasures. I even filed some posted articles that provided some bits and pieces of the treasure hunting expeditions of those people who succeeded but others were unsuccessful. But in my mind, if ever an individual or a group has ever dug up the treasure, will they still have the courage to tell them in the open? Obviously, they will tend to disappear in the face of the earth and even family members will never be seen and settle down in a place where they are not known so well.

Well, some Filipinos and other nationalities believe that Yamashita Treasure is still believed to be a myth in our midst. This writer is privy of expressing my own opinion if the Yamashita is real or fiction; I opted to get the thoughts of others and shared their views with my avid readers: Prudencio the Financier — Yamashita Gold Treasure — I strongly believe there exist such treasures. This is the reason; I am willing to invest my money in digging and looking for those treasures. Wish me luck and sooner my team will recover them!

Well, if you believe Yamashita Treasure is fiction or for real, it’s all yours to keep whether negative or positive beliefs. The above stated thoughts were just written and shared to everyone for your perusal and information.

Don’t ever forget failure in treasure hunting is the result of quitting! No guts no glory! Good luck… Always seek God’s guidance! That is proven and effective.

Have a great weekdays, everyone!


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