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How To Get Great Legs and a Firm Butt

Great Legs and a Firm ButtHow to get great legs and a firm butt? The road to good gams and buns isn’t always on the way to the gym – it can be right outside in your backyard. Hiking, road cycling, inline skating and skiing are all activities to tone and train your bottom half. Give in to your wanderlust while working your quads, hamstrings, glutes and calves.

woman-walks-dog1, Hiking. You may think of hiking as merely walking with a pack on your back, when actually, the muscles of your buns, thighs, hips and calves are used even more when walking uphill than on the flatlands. Your lower body receives a major-league workout as you adapt to ever-changing terrain. With the added weight weight of a pack, you burn more calories and work your stabilizing muscles (abs and back) to keep you upright as you climb uphill.

Calories burned per hour 454; carrying a 22-pound backpack, 528

road cycling2, Road Cycling. Cycling, both road and mountain, engage many of the same muscles as hiking, except in a push and pull motion when using toe clips or Clipless pedals. As you depress the pedals, you use your quads and hip flexors along with your calf muscles.

As the pedal is pulled up, you bend your knee, using your hip flexors, hamstring and calves. The weight of the bike, the gears you choose and how hilly the terrain is will dictate your exertion level. You’ll also work you abs, back, arms and shoulders to maintain an aerodynamic bent-over cycling position. Calories burned per hour road cycling 696, mountain biking, 528 (level and downhill terrain).

Inline-skating3, Inline skating, Nordic (cross-country) skiing and skate skiing are definition in your buns and legs. For all three of these activities, your adductors and abductors helps to stabilize your pelvis and knees and keep you balanced, which develops strength, definition and shape in your thighs. The push-off and stride require a lot of muscle recruitment from your buttocks. Calories burned per hour in-line skating, 557; skate skiing, up to 829.

If you try to do this suggested 3 step it can help you to have a great legs and a firm butt.

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