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Simple Home Remedy To Remove Burn Marks

The following is a simple home remedy to remove burn marks:

Home Remedy To Remove Burn MarksTo begin with, you should have some cold water, for rinsing. The water doesn’t need to be very cold, just cool is enough. You will also need two clean washcloths, a fresh lemon and some fresh tomato juice.

The burn mark should first be washed thoroughly in the cold water. Now, use some cold water to moisten the washcloth and put the wet washcloth within the burn mark.

Keep the burn mark covered in this way a couple of hours. In the meantime, squeeze out the lemon and keep some fresh lemon juice ready. Now, moisten another washcloth with fresh lemon juice and apply to the burn mark gently in a cleansing manner. This will help to cleanse out your skin and lighten the scar. When the cleansing is done, allow the burn marks to dry.

Once the area is dry, it is best to apply some fresh tomato juice on the burn mark. Because of the powerful natural bleaching effect of the tomato juice, it is possible to eliminate the burn mark in just a few days. Continue this treatment about twice daily regularly to get rid of burn marks.

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