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Hinatuan Enchanted River Feeding of Fish

HinatuanEnchantedRiverEvery 12 o’clock noon a bell rings signaling the feeding time of fishes. No one is allowed to swim while the feeding is going on. The local folks can not explain the mystery why it is only during this hour that the fishes come out.

The Hinatuan Enchanted River is located in Cambatong, Surigao del Sur. Its blue colored river water is enchanting. Even more its depth of 80 feet below and another 200 meters more. The water is mixed salty and fresh water. A boating ride is standing by at only Php 160.00 per hour. It will take you out into the sea and when it is low tide you can drop by at its white sand.

It is for real that during the summer season, people are searching for several places that could satisfy them! Now, the Hinatuan Enchanted River in Barangay Cambatong that’s located in Surigao del Sur, has been attracting lots of tourists!

Hinatuan Enchanted RiverThe said river has this legend that has been attached to it ever since! Most people living near the Enchanted River claims that there are fairies and elves that are existing near the water. There are also some who believe that the water in this Enchanted River could heal various illness.

This may be the reason why everone’s trying their best to preserve the beauty and the marine life of the river.

At 12 noon, the caretaker of the river rings the bell and the swimmers are forced to get out of the water. While ringing the bell, he’s also playing the Hinatuan Hymn. Just a few moments later, fishes will then appear for their feeding time. Tourists and the caretaker can now feed the fishes.

See the video below:

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