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A Heartbreaking Video Of a Little Girl Telling Tatay DIGONG To NEVER GIVE UP

litle girlA Message To Tatay Digong from a little girl Dont give up tatay Digong,or else they will take your spot!!

“Ang kabataan ang pag-asa ng bayan” National Hero Rizal once said, inclining the youth to get involved with our country’s world no matter the age.

In line with this, a young little girl’s message to President Rodrigo Duterte went viral as it touches citizens for her heartfelt words that ‘came from the heart’, according to netizens.

“Tatay Digong, Don’t give up on being a President, if you give up and don’t protect the world, then everybody in the country will be killed,” the young girl told President Rodrigo Duterte on video.

“You’re a savior because you’re the one that got picked in being a president, everyone wanted to pick you, because you’re the one that wanted to be president, and you’re the best president ever,” she added.

“Bad guys would want to be the president, they’ll take your spot,” she added warning the President of the ‘bad guys’.

“Don’t forget to never forget to not give up to be a president,” added the young girl.

Supporters of Duterte were fond of the young girl and appreciated her message, it had garnered up to 70,000 views, 2,100 likes and an overwhelming 5,500 shares as of writing.

Watch the video below:


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