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Free Classifieds In The Philippines

free classifiedsThere are many free classified sites found in the internet. Some of them is own by big player or big company. The other is own and manage by a single entrepreneur or freelance web developer.

The big advantage of the website own by big player/company is, they have the money to invest for advertisement, to buy or develop the premium template or to buy the expensive classified script available which is the most comprehensive in features.

While those classified site own and manage by a single developer specially if beginners, sometimes they use the free classifieds script available online and buy the premium template which is no features like in the premium script.

You can see the difference of the classified site who is own and manage by big company. Here in the Philippines, the top classifieds site is own and manage by Nasper.

Before OLX, the top classifieds is the and which is now merge with OLX since 2014. Read the story behind it

There are many free classifieds own and manage by a single entrepreneur who wanted to earn a living online. Many of them are now on the top. Maybe someday, like the sulit and AyosDito who earn millions now by merging OLX, we hope that our site became the name of the household when it comes in buying and selling online.

Please check my newly created free classifieds’ website that you can post your ads free forever. Unlike the other classifieds website, at free classifieds you can post your affiliate links, video link to enhance your ads. Try it now by clicking here.

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