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Fasted Tea – 14 Day Weight Loss Herbal Tea

fasted teaFasted Tea is one of the best weight loss herbal tea in the market today. This product was exclusive blend made for the client from Hawaii, Los Angeles, and Portland but for now the company decided to sell this fasted tea to the public so everyone can experience the benefits of Fasted Tea.

The product is for those:

  • Always on the go and doesn’t want to count pills and measure powders.
  • Want a healthy alternative to chemical ridden supplements.
  • Who are looking to boost their weight loss efforts.
  • Trying to lose that stubborn midsection.
  • Want a great way to start the day.

This product is simple to use.

Recommended dosage are 2 tea bags per day. Make a cup in the morning to start the day and once more in the afternoon to keep your energy and metabolism going. Use the product while working out and eating healthy to accelerate your results.

Lets Get Healthy!

-Easy to drink
-Promotes weight loss
-No stimulants or chemicals
-Lab tested to ensure quality.


14 day fat burner tea

This tea is meant to be consumed for 14 days straight with a 48 hour gap in between cycles. For example if you have a 28 day supply of tea, you would take two days off after drinking the tea for the first 14 days. In the case that you miss a day, continue drinking the tea the following day.


Use one tea bag Twice a day. You will be using one bag in the morning and one bag in the late afternoon.

The first bag will be right after waking up or 30 minutes before eating breakfast. The second bag should be consumed in the afternoon with or without food to help stay energized and metabolism going.

Steeping the tea:

The process to steep the tea is the same for morning and the afternoon.

Heat up 14-16oz of water. You can either boil or heat it up in the microwave. In one 7-8oz cup, steep the tea for 8-10 minutes or until the water has turned goldish brown. After drinking the first 7-8oz cup, with the same tea bag, steep it in the second 7-8oz cup of water. The water in this cup will be lighter in color. Continue to drink the second cup of tea.


Drink the tea warm or cold after the tea has been steeped. If the tea is still hot after steeping you can add ice or leave it in the fridge to cool it down. You may add lemon but we advise against adding any type of sweetener as it may slow down the progress of your weight loss goals. For a teatox style beverage, you can also infuse fruits in your tea.


This tea can be taken with or without food. For faster results we recommend drinking this tea on an empty stomach in the morning with exercise and a well balanced diet.

For more information about this amazing fasted tea, please visit their website.

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