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Discover The Beauty Of Pamilacan Island

Panglao Island and Pamilacan Island, Bohol

Timid, wide-eyed tarsiers and the unusual Chocolate Hills will pull you away from relaxing beaches—but only if you let them. The pure shores of Bohol and its surrounding islands, among them laid-back Panglao and the dolphin-watching and snorkelling haven of Pamilacan island, are for beach bums who want more. Eco-tourism attractions and colonial heritage make the province one of the country’s best destinations for nature and culture.

Pamilacan Island

pamilacan island

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How to get to Pamilacan Island: AirAsia flies from Manila to Tagbilaran, Bohol. From the airport, taxis (30–40 mins, from PHP500) and vans (PHP600 per van) are available to Panglao Island. Tours to Pamilacan Island range from PHP1000–PHP4000 depending on inclusions and group size.

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