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Diet Foods That Are Making You Gain Weight

Diet Foods That Are Making You Gain WeightWhen it comes to nutrition, all kinds of myths, lies and misconceptions come into the limelight. It is quite unfortunate that what most of us tend to believe is the direct opposite of what is right. This article lights some of the foods that will make you grow fatter instead.

To begin with, let’s take it step by step and see what you ought to avoid if your main objective is to lose weight. It is also important to bear in mind that what most of us view as healthy, may be the worst foods for weight loss. Below are some of these foods you need to keep off in order to achieve the best results in your endeavour to shed some of your body pounds.

1. Cereals for breakfast

Although cereals are viewed as the best foods for weight loss, studies have indicated that they are actually not the best to start with during breakfast. In most cases, cereals are heavy laden with sugars and processed carbs – the existing fattening components. In this case, it could be very unwise if you started your day with a refined cereal as this will trigger your insulin and blood sugar levels. In the event that your blood sugar level crashes moments later, the body will be forced to crave for an additional snack containing high amounts of processed carbs. Hence, it is important that you make a wise choice for your breakfast.

2. Agave nectar

Although Agave nectar, which is considered a natural substitute to the high fructose syrup and sugar, scientific studies indicate otherwise and categorise it as unhealthy and worse as compared to sugar. Thus, if you are looking for natural weight loss supplements to aid in weight loss, it is advisable that you stay away from Agave syrup. While sugar contains 50%, Agave has between 70 and 90 per cent. Although consuming fruits rich in fructose is healthy, taking in too much added sugars can be disastrous in terms of your body’s metabolism.

High levels of fructose can result into chronic high levels of insulin and triglycerides, endanger your cholesterol, increased levels of blood sugar, abdominal obesity and various metabolic conditions

3. Whole wheat bread

It is recommended that you choose whole wheat in the stead of processed wheat. Well, as much as a healthy diet plan is concerned, whole wheat is the best; however, the biggest issue here is that most of what marketers claim to be whole meals are not actually what they are said to be. It is a trick by marketers to lure buyers into consuming them. Considering that the grains have been ground to produce fine flour making the food easily digestible, they have the ability to impact negatively on your blood levels just like processed grains.

In actual sense, whole wheat bread contains a glycemic index – a scale that indicates the speed at which food spikes sugar in the blood that is equally high. Although whole wheat bread contains more fibre, and nutrients as compared to white bread, when it enters your system, difference is very small.

In addition, there is no nutrient contained in wheat – refined or whole – that cannot be obtained in greater quantities by eating other types of foods. What you must understand is that, there are various healthy grains for those whose systems can endure, but wheat does not fall into that group. In gluten-sensitive individuals wheat may result into health conditions, various study findings indicate.

4. Granola

Just as it is the case with other healthy foods, granola can be great if made with genuine ingredients. However, it falls victim to the same tricks as other foods like wheat meals. Many food industries tend to alter certain ingredients in food during mass production making them unhealthy in the process.

5. Low fat yogurt

Similarly, yogurt is indeed a healthy diet; however, most of what is obtained from food stores is low in fat and therefore highly refined. Once fat is removed from foods by manufacturers, they alter the taste. In order to compensate for fat absence, they are forced to include other ingredients.

In this case, most food manufacturing industries add sugar or other sweeteners to yogurt to taste. According to new studies, saturated fat is not harmful and therefore by removing fat from yogurt and substituting it with sugar renders it unhealthy.

There is actually no proof that links obesity to dairy fat. Truthfully, one study findings indicated that individuals who consumed high amounts of fat-rich dairy products were unlikely to suffer from obesity. Thus, to be on the safe side, avoid low-fat yogurt and instead choose the fat-rich yogurt.

6. Commercially obtained salad dressings

As it were, vegetables are the healthiest type of food. They contain numerous nutrients, soluble fiber, antioxidants and other important ingredients. What is more worrying here is that, most of us tend to shy away from the natural taste of vegetables and thus, therefore, include dressing to our salads.

Generally, most of these commercial dressings contain various unhealthy ingredients such fructose-rich corn syrup and soybean oil. So if you want to stay healthy, opt for the home-made dressings. You can add vinegar, various spices and virgin olive oil.

In most cases, salad dressings contain big amounts of calories and you can be tempted to ingest large portions of the same which may result into a big healthy concern.


If you want to lose weight and keep it, it is important that you choose what you eat wisely. Avoid falling victim of false advertisements and take time to prepare your own food at home.

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