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Cebu Delicacy Otap

Cebu Delicacy OtapOtap is an oval shape puff pastry, which is approximately four to six inches and a length of about two inches in width. The surface of otap looks crumpled and sprinkle with sugar, which is a little hardened to otap. The crumpled look otap what makes it very brittle and easily break into pieces when the pieces of his bite.

As a native delicacy especially prevalent in the province of Cebu, where he was born. But otap is also popular as snacks and in other provinces of Negros in the Visayan region, such as East and West Negros.

How it was made

As a native delicacy, usually created by a combination of flour, shortening, coconut and sugar. In order to achieve a distinctive texture otap, it usually takes place in two stages of the process of baking. The first step is to partially cook the dough, and then after that, at the top of the partially cooked dough sprinkled with sugar.

The second step is to re-baking the dough slightly above the normal baking time in order to create a oval shape, puff pastry, which otap.

Many bakeshops and pastry shops have mastered this delicacy, but, of course, Shamrock Brand allocated to taste. Shamrock is more popular product in Cebu and even in the city of Manila. His product is not only Otap has become popular because many of them introduced as a product to treat their friends and relatives of those who came to visit the province.

Shamrock Otap

Shamrock offers a number of other sweet confectionery and biscuits, which Polvoron (milk powder), lady’s finger, Rosquillos, galletas de huevos and Hojaldres. These products are biscuits packed and sealed for freshness. I especially like their sweet OTAP crispy, in fact, very different Otap biscuits is sharp, but flaky. This is a very unique and very good taste, too. I think it is fried, but there is no greasy feeling when they eat.

Shamrock product was known for many years and until now, they retain their quality and loyal to their patron, but also improved the packaging and presentation of the product, it is the inclusion of nutrition facts on the bottom of each product. By purchasing these treats everything looks easy to produce, because they know that they are always fresh and well handled, and is always a good taste. People do not see the price and must agree that even though Shamrock or sell their products at higher prices.

If you are a Filipino or tourist visit to Cebu, the people who eat otap for the first time will love flaky and sweet taste that will make them want to eat more native delicacy. From otap considered brittle food as easily break, it is desirable to eat, while the other plate by hand or mouth, so you can capture bits otap from falling in the mouth, and eat in the test.

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