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Sex is a Great Workout

February 2, 2015 0

Article from CNN explain that sex in the morning is considered a good excercise.. click here Have sex in the morning; you can roll out of bed and right into your morning workout and you’re […]

Bikram Yoga – Some Like It Hot!

May 20, 2014 0

The floor is sopping wet. Sweat is dripping from people’s bodies for more than an hour to the extent that it appears each has just emerged directly from a pool; only this time, it’s not […]

For Longer Life – Do Crunches

May 14, 2014 0

Two decades ago, the Canadian Fitness Survey measured push-ups, sit-ups, grip strength and sit-and-reach flexibility in more than 8,000 people ages 20-69. The women who could do the fewest number of sit-ups in 60 seconds […]

4 Best Moves To Cure Back Pain

May 14, 2014 0

Research shows that exercise may be the best way to help alleviate back pain. Try these moves to get back in activity. Is your back bothering you? study shows that moving more can be the […]