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Camiguin Island: The Sleeping Giant

Camiguin island best beach is actually a sandbar—appears only during low tide. This is only one of Camiguin’s many secrets, among them an underwater cemetery, church ruins, hot and cold springs, waterfalls, and the extinct remnants of ancient volcanoes. The popular cream-filled Pastel buns and sweet lanzones (langsat) fruits will have you snacking non-stop as you go on the island loop.

camiguin island

See the Camiguin island video below:

HOW TO GET THERE: AirAsia flies to Manila from various destinations. From Manila, take a domestic flight to Cagayan de Oro.

Short route: From the airport, take a van to Cagayan de Oro city centre (PHP199, 45 mins–1hr). From there, it’s a 20-minute ride to Macabalan Port by taxi (PHP80) or jeepney (PHP7). Ride the Ocean Jet ferry (2 hrs, PHP550–PHP750, one trip daily at 8:30am) to Camiguin-Benoni Port.

Long route to Camiguin island: From the airport, take a van to Agora Bus Terminal (2–3 hrs, around PHP200). Hop aboard a Butuan-bound bus (2–3 hrs, PHP143) and alight at Balingoan Bus Terminal. Walk or take a motorela (PHP8) to Balingoan Ferry Port, where fast craft depart for Camiguin-Benoni Port (1 hr, PHP150). It is also possible to take a taxi (1.5 hrs, around PHP3000) straight to Balingoan from the airport.

Enjoy visiting the sleeping giant: Camiguin island

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