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Cambugahay Falls In The Island of Fire Siquijor

Cambugahay Falls is another destination that intrepid wanderers can experience as they explore the Island of Fire, Siquijor. The falls’ blue and cool waters are as magical as the island.

Cambugahay Falls

Visiting this multi-tiered waterfall is the perfect way to cool off from the heat after bumming around the pristine beaches of Siquijor. Take the plunge by jumping off one of the waterfalls’ tiers or by swinging into the waters using a vine hanging from one of the trees.

How to Get to Cambugahay Falls

Once in Siquijor, you can get a tour from any of the tricycle drivers on the island. Most drivers package Cambugahay Falls with a tour around the island for around ₱1,000 for the whole day. Visitors can also rent motorcycles to explore the island on their own.

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