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Camara Island, Zambales

Camara Island is the closest island from the shores of Pundaquit Zambales. The island, like its close neighbor Capones, is also a big lump of rock with very little soil. Trees aren’t that many but because of the rock formations and angle of the island, it’s not hard to find shade and scenic spots for a great photo shoot.


It may consist mostly of huge rocks, but Camara Island also has an interesting sandbar surrounded by clear turquoise waters. This strip of white sand actually lies between the island’s two sides, but is only visible during low tide. You’re more likely to chance upon it close to the end of the rainy season (from June to September), as it tends to shift locations during the rest of the year due to changing currents.

camara island

camara island3



The island has a great view of the open ocean. It has two sides separated by a white sandbar that becomes visible during the lowtide and disappears during the high tide. Big rocks that dwarf the tourists are plenty on this island. It won’t be long till you find yourself taking photos of them or with them and just be astonished by their size and weight.

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