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Asik-Asik Falls

Mindanao almost always gets unwarranted bad press because of the perceived danger in the region. Anyone who gets to visit though knows that it’s endowed with beautiful natural landscapes. One that you’ll find deep in one of its mountainous forests is Asik-Asik Falls.

With bursts of water coming from the verdant wall of the mountain, Asik-Asik Falls is nothing short of spectacular. The vegetation that clings onto the mountain as the waterfalls burst creates a surreal picture. As soon as you enter the premises of the waterfall, you will be dumbfounded!

Getting to Asik-Asik falls is no easy task as the road is unpaved. But for those who make the trip, they will make unforgettable memories.


How to Get to Asik-Asik Falls

From Cotabato City, ride a van going to Midsayap for ₱60 – the trip is approximately an hour long. Once in town, hire a habal-habal to take you to Upper Dado in Alamada and back to Midsayap for approximately ₱800 – ₱1,000.

It will take approximately an hour and a half to get to Upper Dado. There is also an entrance fee of ₱20 to cross a bridge.

Once in Upper Dado, you will transfer to a sturdier habal-habal to reach the jump-off point. You will also have to pay ₱30 entrance fee once you register at the tourism booth in Upper Dado.

There are accredited habal-habals that will take you to the jump-off point for ₱75 one way per passenger; the trip takes around 30 minutes. Once at the jump-off point, you will have to take an approximately 30-minute trek to get to the falls. The tiring and difficult path leading to the falls will be worth it though.

Note: Cotabato is a muslim territory, so be careful when you plan to visit this area.

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