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5 Ways to Make Your Husband Happy

i-love-youKeeping a marriage fresh and exciting can be challenging, amidst the stress of daily life. But don’t you worry because there are many ways that you can do to keep your husband happy and let him know that you love him more and more each day.

Share in the responsibilities of marriage, and try different approaches to leading a happy, spontaneous life that gratifies you and your spouse both emotionally and sexually. Try some of the ideas below to tug on your husband’s heartstrings and make your marriage thrive.

Keeping the Flame Alive.

1, Be romantic

be-romanticYou can show to your lover how you love him even in a simple way. Be romantic! Make sure to save time for romantic activities, like candle-lit dinners, beach walks at sunset, and cuddling up to watch a movie together.

2, Spice up your sex life

One of the main aspects of marriage where the excitement can quickly fade. You’ll both have to work hard to keep your sex life interesting.

spice-up-your-sex-lifeOne things you can do is, don’t get stuck in a boring routine. If you and your lover are used to having sex without any foreplay or wooing beforehand, sex can become just another activity that happens when you get in bed. Take the time to woo each other at spontaneous times throughout the day to avoid feeling like you have simply scheduled time for being intimate.

You need to listen to your lover’s wants and needs. Know what your lover’s preferences are and what he wants to try in the bedroom. His desires may change over time. Just ask him what he likes and wants.

3, Set a Time Together

set-a-dateBecause of the busy schedules on both of you, it can be very hard to find time to spend with each other. One method to make your relationship strong and happy is to find time for both of you together. Make a commitment to go on a date or make a home-cooked meal together at least once a week.

Try to stroll in the mall together, see a movie, picnic. Do something adventurous, like an extreme sport. You could go rock climbing, snowboarding, surfing, etc.

4, Send flirty text messages.

send-sexy-messageIt is true that nothing is better than a spontaneous text or voice message from your lover. Even in a simple call to his cellphone just to say “I love you” or send a flirty message that contains something for him to look forward to.

Send sexy snap chats, to remind him what’s waiting for him after work.

5, Get some sexy outfits.

sexy-outfitThere’s nothing wrong with being comfortable in front of your husband, but be sure to always take care of yourself as well.

Spice up a plain outfit with a sexy blouse or dress to view your clevage, to make you look’s sexy and attractive.

Get some new lingerie. Lingerie is a sexy way to spice up your bedroom life and make your hubby see you in a new light.

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