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5 Tips to Maintain Healthy Sinuses

If you’re suffering from the flu, a cold, allergies or sinusitis, you’re not so concerned about the particular reason for your illness. You simply want to get well.

There are a lot of excellent routines that you could follow to help keep sinuses clear during cold and flu season. The American Academy of Otolaryngology—Head and Neck Surgery suggests these five tips to maintain healthy sinuses.

1. Drink plenty of water

drinking-waterOne of the best ways to stay healthy is to regularly drink fluids or water. You’ll stay hydrated and fluids can help ensure that your mucus or nasal discharges stays thin. Drinking fluids regularly also helps prevent congestion. Drink 6-8 glasses of water every day to keep your sinus healthy and strengthens your immune system.

2. Use a Humidifier

A humidifier can help break down congestion by introducing moisture into your environment, especially when the air is naturally dry and humidity is extremely low. Use a humidifier in your bedroom each night to help you get a more restful night’s sleep and prevent skin dryness.

3. Avoid Smoking and Drinking Alcohol

While smoking can quickly irritate the nose of the smoker as well as the people around the smoker, alcohol can cause nasal and sinus membranes to swell, exposing them to irritation and infection. If you often find yourself congested, stop smoking and drinking alcohol and monitor your health. You may be surprised by how much better you feel.

4. Avoid Allergy Triggers

If you suffer from allergies, avoid contact with those items that trigger a stuffy nose and a scratchy throat. If you can’t avoid these triggers, use over-the-counter allergy medicines to help control congestion.

5. Use Nasal Sprays

If you plan to fly during cold & flu season use a nasal spray decongestant before take-off. The nasal spray will help mucus drain naturally and you’ll avoid blockage of the sinuses.

Sinuses really are a delicate yet complex part of our body. With these tips to maintain healthy sinuses, you’ll be on the right path to maintaining much better sinus health and relieving sinus ache.


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