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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

May 31, 2014 0

 Tired of Looking Tired? What you can do to wake up beautiful. Check it out! The Benefits of Beauty Sleep Faster-Healing Skin 1, “Beauty sleep” is real. Your skin uses sleep hours to heal itself […]

What Does Your Smile Say About You?

May 31, 2014 1

Want to be successful in business, and get more romance into your life? One secret may be in your smile. Your smile — simple, straightforward, and most important, sincere — can attract more  than admiring […]

Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

May 26, 2014 0

This is a powerful chart showing the action differences between Successful People vs Unsuccessful People. Everything in life carries “energy”. Have you ever wondered why some people just have all the luck. Are they truly […]

8 Ways to Keep Wrinkles at Bay

May 23, 2014 0

Wrinkles are definitely the manifestation of getting older. A lot of people aren’t worried by them, but the majority simply finds non-appealing. What you should do to help keep wrinkles away? With these very simple […]

Great Leaders

May 23, 2014 0

Great leaders are surrounded by great people. Have you noticed there’s a difference between a good leader and a great leader? Good leaders have an incredible array of skills. They communicate effectively, they set strategy […]

Get Ready for Summer Vacation

May 21, 2014 0

Summer is upon us. On the upside, its arrival puts you in a more relaxed state. And that’s good to combat stress. However, if you will not be prepared for its downside, you could find […]

Smoothie Recipe for Better Skin

May 21, 2014 0

Juicing and smoothies are the health craze that’s taking over the country right now. From juice cleanses to the world embracing the powers of a great green juice, the country is starting to take notice […]

Fried Danggit For Breakfast

May 20, 2014 4

Fried danggit in particular has long been my favorite. If someone will travel to Cebu or if any of our friends from Cebu will visit us. Either way, we always ask for some Danggit. Why […]

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