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14 Most Popular Cebu Festivals

There are many cebu festivals celebrated by the people of Cebu. Cebu has one of the most colorful and world-renowned festivals in the Philippines and they celebrate it with excitement and high spirits. Cebu celebrates different festivals in different towns and cities. Cebuanos celebrate fiestas with religious rituals and dancing in the streets to the beat of the drums.

1, Sinulog

cebu festivalsThe major and most popular Cebu festival, the Sinulog festival takes place every third Sunday of January to celebrate Señor Santo Niño de Cebu. People shouts “Viva Pit Señor”. The Sinulog is Cebu City’s most popular and grandest festival. Foreign and local tourists flock to Cebu City for this celebration and join in the procession and the grand mardi gras.

It is popular belief among Cebuanos that this dance-prayer is the most effective way of getting favors from the Sto. Niño. This festival is world-renowed and the most extravagant festival in Cebu. Also commonly known as Fiesta Señor, the Sinulog fiesta features highlights that include a colorful and lively mardi gras parade after an opening solemn procession.

2, Kabanhawan Festival – Easter Sunday (Minglanilla)

Showcases the “Sugat” in which the town is known for many years since. The street dancing depicts the joy felt by the believers when Christ is resurrected. The celebration is grander since it will be followed by a day long games and entertainment that highlights the endowment of Minglanilla’s history, trade and arts.

3. Kadaugan sa Mactan

Literally translated into “Victory in Mactan,” this one-day celebration on April 27 features a one-day re-enactment of the historic Battle of Mactan, when forces of Cebuano chieftain Lapulapu defeated the far more technologically advanced troops of Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan. The festival features various activities highlighted by the series of musical productions culminating with the famous battle, food street and live band entertainment.

4. Virgin Queen of the Rule Fiesta

The Virgin of the Rule fiesta celebrates the Cebuanos’ deep religious faith. Held from November 20-21 in Opon town and Lapu-Lapu City, this social and religious event is a showcase of the best that Cebuanos have to offer, including food fair, a procession with all the pomp and circumstance expected of the Filipino, and a coronation of a Fiesta Queen.

5. Semana Santa sa Bantayan

Bantayan Island celebrates Holy Week with a series of solemn religious rites and local celebrations. On the second week of April, this normally quiet island near Cebu comes alive with tourists and inhabitants’ relatives and friends, who all arrive to enjoy the presentations they put on, the beautiful white sandy beaches and clear tropical waters.

6. Fiesta sa Carcar

Carcar City is renowned for how brilliantly the Spanish architecture of its houses stand out against the quaint Cebuano countryside. On November 24 and 25, Carcar comes alive with a celebration in honor of its patron, St. Catherine of Alexandria. Popular local delicacies are cooked up in great amounts to supplement lively entertainment.

7, Bodbod Festival – 10th Of February (Catmon)

The town of Catmon is famous for its tasty “bodbod” and thus is the focus of the festival. The street dancing competition is participated by the different barangays has its dance movements, the movement of making the bodbod with the costumes in bodbod concept.

8. Tres de Abril Celebration

Cebu looks forward to this celebration every April 3 to remember the Cebu natives’ victory under the leadership of Leon Kilat over Spanish forces. This historic battle resulted in the illustrious distinction of Cebu towards being the first major island outside Luzon to oppose the Spaniards.

9. Tagbo festival – 19th of January (Poro, Camotes Island)

It is celebrated every January in honor of patron Sto. Niño de Poro. Beloved memoir of a living past, Tagbo is the corner stone from which this great municipality has sprung. Rich in cultural heritage and deep in spiritual values, Tagbo is a very significant event precluding the birth of a town very dear to the hearts of her sons and daughters.

10. Soli-Soli Festival – 18th March (San Francisco, Camotes Island)

Named after the soli-soli plant which abounds around the lake Danao which is used for mat, bags and hat weaving and other handicrafts. its freestyle street dancing competition uses soli-soli plant as its dominant material. The festival adds color to the feast of St. Joseph the Worker.

11. Mantawi Festival – 7th of May (Mandaue City)

A showcase of the city’s historical heritage and identity promoting the city as an industrial and tourist hub, that involves the Spanish regime through street dancing, dioramas, floats, food festival, trade fair and sports event.

12. Kuyayang Festival- June Movable (Bogo City)

Kuyayang refers to the dance movements conveying courtship and love characterized by the Bagohanon’s cariñoso character. Kuyayang mardi gras as a cultural tourism festival manifests the cultural heritage of Bogo as a place and avenue for cultural conservancy program of the city.

13, Inasal (Halad) Festival – 14th – 15th of October (Talisay City)

A showcase of Talisay City’s historical heritage and identity promoting the city as an aqua and tourist hub, through street dancing as a thanksgiving offering to the city’s patroness, Sta. Teresa de Avila. Sports fest, parade of the great personages as higantes, food festival featuring the famous “inasal” or lechon, Talisay’s roast pig being the undisputable best – golden brown, crackling crispy skin, tasty meat from secret stuffed herbs.

14, Pitlagong Festival – 26th of September (Argao)

Argao’s tribute to the tradition of townsfgolk faith, celebrations, food, work, livelihood, arts and crafts. Pitlagong is an instrument for cleaning the “sugong” which is a bamboo container for coconut wine of “tuba” which is very important to the taste and quality of the tuba.

There are still many festivals being celebrated here in Cebu City and Cebu Province but I can’t remember the rest. Sorry folks…You can add other Cebu festivals by commenting on this post.

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