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12 Restless Leg Syndrome Home Remedies

restless leg syndrome home remediesWhat is the best restless leg syndrome home remediesPeople who are afflicted with restless legs syndrome usually have problems in sleeping. The twitch is usually very severe during evening and nighttime hours and disturbs their sleeping and cause great suffering. Most of the people with restless legs syndrome find it extremely hard to fall asleep over a flat surface.

Their legs basically twitch or jerk, since they feel the feeling of something squirming or wiggling within their skin. Therefore, restless legs syndrome can cause problems related to sleep deprivation, such as depression and anxiety.

Experts say it is a condition still shrouded in much mystery. Though there appear to be linked with other conditions such as heart, lung, and kidney disorders; circulatory problems; and arthritis, the culprit often seem to be as easy as too much caffeine consumption or insufficient physical exercise.

The following restless leg syndrome home remedies are made to assist you to fight this condition. If you feel that you’ve still twitching legs after you’ve tried using the following tips, however, it’s time to get a professional medical examination.

1, Get up and go walking. Walking would be the only thing that can help. A night time walk in the house might calm your legs more than enough to ensure that you feel relaxed when you’re back in bed.

2, Consider your caffeinated drink consumption. Coffee, tea, chocolate, sodas, and even over-the-counter (OTC) medications might have caffeine. Consider reducing your intake of caffeine-containing foods and medicines (or replacing caffeine free types) to determine if your trouble improves. Stay away from cigarette smoking, which has the stimulant nicotine, and alcohol, which can have its harmful side effects on sleep, as well.

3, Modify your medications. Some Over-the-counter prescription drugs, for instance particularly the cold medications and allergy pills, contain mild stimulants that can lead to jittery legs. Ask your doctor if any medications you are taking contain stimulants and whether there are any nonstimulating alternatives.

4, Take a bath. A warm bath or massage before bed relaxes muscles and therefore may be helpful.

5, Change your temperature. In some cases, a change from hot to cold, or cold to hot, can have the desired effect. Try placing a heating pad or hot pack in your legs for a while. If doesn’t work, drape a cool towel over your legs, or soak your feet in cool water.

6, Make sure you’re eating well. There are a few symptoms that a deficiency in iron, folate, or magnesium might contribute to restless legs syndrome. By consuming a wide variety of nutrient-rich foods, you will get the nutritional supplements you’ll need. However, your physician may possibly recommend health supplements or particular vitamins.

7, Come up with a sleeping habit. Get into a consistent schedule which will help your body and mind settle down and get ready for sleep.

8, Stick with a plan. Getting to bed at the same time nightly, making it possible for a full night’s sleep that can help prevent the fatigue that may be a contributing factor to restless legs syndrome.

9, Soothe your stress. Tension might not be the reason for restless legs syndrome, but it can worsen it. Make an effort to remove a few of the stress in your life. Regular exercise and some type of relaxation technique, whether yoga, meditation, visualization, or even an interesting hobby could help you “de-stress.”

10, Exercise your legs. Moderate workout often helps, even though too much exercise can exacerbate restless leg symptoms. A daily walk at a nominal pace is an excellent workout, particularly for people who haven’t very physically active in a while.

11, Stretch your legs. Try stretching out your calves, hamstrings, and butt muscles before bed.

12, Wear socks to sleep. Some specialists have discovered that a lot of individuals who suffer from restless legs syndrome also appear to have cold feet. Even though nobody has examined the link, it might not hurt to bundle up your tootsies for the evening.

We hope that the above mention restless leg syndrome home remedies will help you to feel better. Reference >> restless leg syndrome home remedies


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