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The Bellevue Resort – The Perfect Getaway

By Ruel Hinaloc On June 2, 2014 No Comments

The Perfect Getaway

The Bellevue Resort gives new meaning to the island getaway concept with its exquisitely designed rooms and thoughtfully planned facilities complementing the beauty of the sea.

The Bellevue Resort Bohol-2
The island of Panglao will be more inviting with the opening of The Bellevue Resort. Giving new meaning to the island getaway concept, picture exquisitely designed guestrooms with spectacular views of the sea, a spa village dedicated to the pursuit of wellness, and recreational facilities to please your every whim.

The Bellevue Resort Bohol

The Bellevue Resort Bohol-1

Bohol is still one of the best island destinations in the country. Thank you for supporting Bol-anons once again. More info about The Bellevue Resort-Bohol please visit the website here..

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The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

By Ruel Hinaloc On May 31, 2014 No Comments

 Tired of Looking Tired?

What you can do to wake up beautiful. Check it out!

The Benefits of Beauty Sleep

Faster-Healing Skin

woman_with_sleep_mask1, “Beauty sleep” is real.

Your skin uses sleep hours to heal itself from the day’s damage. When you drift off, your skin gets the chance to improve. That’s why you may wake up looking fresh and rosy.

2, Fewer Breakouts

student_sleepingMore sleep, clearer skin. Lack of sleep can lead to stress, which causes pimples and blackheads, even in adults. In one study, experts found that college students had more breakouts when they were stressed out, such as during exam time.

3, Brighter Eyes

Want eyes that sparkle? Don’t let dark circles steal their spotlight. Dark circles often run in families, but they can look even darker if you aren’t getting enough shut-eye. To disguise them, apply a light

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What Does Your Smile Say About You?

By Ruel Hinaloc On May 31, 2014 No Comments

BenefitsofSmilingWant to be successful in business, and get more romance into your life? One secret may be in your smile.

Your smile — simple, straightforward, and most important, sincere — can attract more  than admiring looks. A smiling face tells people that you’re an outgoing and  intelligent person worth getting to know.

“When someone has a big smile, it shows they’re willing to open up and expose a  part of themselves,” says Pamela McClain, DDS, president of the American Academy  of Periodontology. Over the long term, smiling can benefit your health, perception at  work, social life, and romantic status.  With that much at stake, it’s worthwhile to  discover what your smile is saying about you — and how to interpret the smiles  flashed your way.

Smiling Eyes Aren’t Just for the Irish

Many Americans look at the mouth to judge a person’s mood, but people

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Island Garden City of Samal, Davao del Norte: Beyond Pearls

By Ruel Hinaloc On May 28, 2014 No Comments

The Pearl Farm luxury resort isn’t the coastal paradise’s only draw. Step into “the island that has it all”, with lush green plains, enchanting mountains and cerulean seas to add to its claim. Travellers are discovering tranquil Hagimit Falls, the underwater colours of Talikud Island’s Coral Garden Marine Park, the high tide mangrove sandbar of Vanishing Island, and Monfort Bat Sanctuary, home of 2,000,000 fruit bats.

HOW TO GET THERE AirAsia Zest flies from Manila to Davao. From the airport, take a taxi to Santa Ana Wharf, Sasa Wharf or Sasa Ferryboat Landing (10–20 mins, under PHP200), depending on your destination. From there, take a motorboat or RORO ferries to Samal (15–45 mins, depending on resort location).

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Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

By Ruel Hinaloc On May 26, 2014 No Comments

This is a powerful chart showing the action differences between Successful People vs Unsuccessful People.

Successful People vs Unsuccessful People

Everything in life carries “energy”. Have you ever wondered why some people just have all the luck. Are they truly “lucky” or do they just have a positive “energy” that attracts positive outcomes.

I wanted to send this picture today to help you discover actions that create a “positive energy” and “positive outcomes”.

One of the key things I constantly tell my clients is “learn to laugh at yourself and often”. Why? Because smiling/laughing creates more feel-good chemicals in the brain called – endorphins.

Have you ever noticed that when you feel great, more positive things happen. When you feel bad, more bad things keep happening.

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